Spring Cleanup

In beginning of the season our trained staff will visit your property, remove leaves, and other debris accumulated over winter, edge, and initialize the season with a starter fertilizer, lime, seed and peat moss.  Also includes:

  • Weeding
  • Raking of dirt in flowerbeds if not mulched
  • Thatching/power raking – Thach is a naturally occurring organic layer of dead, composting materials in-between grass blades and its root system. A power rake has blades under it that spin, pulling this layer out.  Thatch soaks up the water, robbing the green turf and their roots of necessary water and nutrients. Inside thatch, insects can live, and disease can be borne by holding the water at surface like a sponge as standing water would. After thatching, we put down seed and to thicken up thinned turf areas. 
  • Mowing if necessary
  • String trimming along fences, by house, trees and steep hillsides, with every mowing
  • Hard edging – areas include sidewalks, curb lines, non-asphalt driveways, front walks,       and other concrete or pavers areas abutted by turf.
  • Containing of groundcover away from hardscape and turf areas to ensure the plant    does not migrate from planting bed
  • Blowing out of beds, leaves, spent flowers, twigs and other debris
  • Blowing down and cleaning of property

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