Over seeding

Over seeding  is recommended when turf has a lot of brown patches, or is weedy, or is just not at of good appearance then over seeding may be the way to go. After thatching or aerating, abundance of seed will be applied, we then top dress with peat moss, and other soil amendments if needed. We will be able to recommend the best grass seed to accommodate your particular needs.

Watering newly seeded turf

After seed is installed, water in early morning, as early as possible.  Use flat bottom cans like cat food, tuna cans to measure the time, and amount of water coming out of sprinklers to get ½” of water. Usually 2 to 4 hours of sprinkling to accumulate 1” of actual water every two or three days is sufficient for seed.  The water is not only essential for germinating the seed but also pushing seed into soil. Ensure that entire lawn is getting adequate water, avoid hand hose watering. 

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