Fall Cleanup

As leaves fall our trained horticultural staff will visit regularly during fall to cut down perennials, remove leaves, debris, seasonal annuals and prepare the turf for winterization and apply a fertilizer. Also:

  • Weeding
  • Raking of dirt in flowerbeds if not mulched
  • Removal of seasonal plantings
  • Last mowing of season when trees are bare
  • String trimming along fences, by house, trees and steep hillsides, with every mowing
  • Hard edging – areas include sidewalks, curb lines, non-asphalt driveways, front walks,  and other concrete or pavers areas abutted by turf.
  • Containing of groundcover away from hardscape and turf areas to ensure the plant    does not migrate from planting bed
  • Blowing out beds, leaves, spent flowers, twigs and other debris
  • Blowing down and cleaning of property

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